Dtm Meaning Urban Dictionary (2024)

1. dtm - Urban Dictionary

  • Stands for "Doin too much." When an individual takes on more than can be handeled. (i.e. tasks, conversations, commitments,etc.) Driving, talking on the phone, ...

  • Dtm is a short saying for and I quote "Doing too much"

2. DTM's - Urban Dictionary

  • DTM means "Don't tell Mom!" A quick way to remind siblings that what you are sharing isn't for Mom to hear. DTM is most often by teenagers as well as adults ...

  • "Down to match", referring to be able to match with someone else on a blunt of cannabis. Having $5 and wanting to be high.

3. Down to Mash(DTM) - Urban Dictionary

4. DTM - Slang/Internet Slang - Acronym Finder

  • DTM · Don't Touch Me ; DTM · Dead to Me ; DTM, Down Town Manhattan.

  • 15 definitions of DTM. Definition of DTM in Slang/Internet Slang. What does DTM stand for?

5. Doin' The Most - Urban Dictionary

  • *In text messages and other text-forms of communications, it is often abbreviated as "dtm". Quite often it is followed or lead by a "smh" or "shaking my head".

  • When someone is just over-exaggerating, trying to draw a lot of attention, or putting themselves out there in a needy manner.

6. What is the meaning of dtm? - AmazingTalker

  • DTM is an acronym which stands for "doing too much or dead to me." An acronym according to Google dictionary, "is an abbreviation formed from the initial ...

  • DTM is an acronym which stands for "doing too much or dead to me." An acronym according to Google dictionary, "is an a

7. gtfafm dtm - Urban Dictionary

  • GTFAFM DTM means Like what caelan would say to victoria or marilyn while txting. by vic and mar the awesomes June 28, 2011. Flag · Get the gtfafm dtm mug.

  • get the f*** away from me dont touch me

8. tmb - Urban Dictionary

  • dtm (you get it now?) Friend #1 : don't do that. Friend #2: sorry, mom ... tmb is an acronym for 'text me bitch'. It is used to text your friends when ...

  • Take me back. Used when reminiscing on a positive memory; a more logical form of tbt.

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  • Urban Dictionary mug with the word 'DTM ... White mug with the definition of 'DTM' Blank white mug on a wooden table ...

  • Urban Dictionary mug with the word 'DTM'

Dtm Meaning Urban Dictionary (2024)
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