What are the Academic Calendar changes to BNSG in 2025?: Ask UniSQ Current Students (2024)

What calendar will the program be using for 2025 intakes?

In 2025 the Bachelor of Nursing will follow the Trimester Academic Calendar.

A Trimester is a study period that occurs three times during the year. Each Trimester is of equal length (13 weeks) and includes a 1-week flexible learning period (these are weeks that contain no new teaching content, but there is an expectation that students will still be engaged with other aspects of study, which may include catching up, revision, and assessment progression/submission).

The first Trimester study period for the Bachelor of Nursing starts in February 2025.

Visit the Academic Calendar and Important Dates page for more information on key dates or to download a copy of the Trimester Calendar.

When can I start my program? Can I start in any study period?

Most students can apply to start in Trimester 1 or, Trimester 2 or Trimester 3.

The Trimester Academic Calendar enables you to commence your studies in the trimester that works for you.

Are all courses taught in each study period?

No, not all courses are offered in every study period.

Recommended enrolment patterns will be provided in the 2025 University Handbook. These patterns will be developed to build your foundational knowledge and ensure you meet pre-requisite requirements when completing subsequent courses. 

When will the 2025 Handbook be available?

The handbook will be released prior to enrolment opening for 2025 courses.

Can I accelerate my program and finish my degree quicker?

No. Full-time enrolment patterns are provided for all BNSG pathways. All full-time enrolment patterns contain 8 units per calendar year.

Courses have been designed in the trimester calendar to complement the clinical placement courses you are required to undertake. Placement courses have pre-requisites and are scheduled according to the Clinical Calendar available on the Professional Practice HUB.

Am I required to study in every study period with this calendar?

If you are a full-time student, you will need to study in all three trimesters.

A part-time pathway is available if you want to do fewer courses across the year.

If you are an international student on a study visa, you are required to study across all three trimesters.

If you are considering full or part time study, you are an international student, or receiving Centrelink benefits you can access more information on full-time study.

What makes the new calendar for my program better?

The Trimester calendar offers a great deal of flexibility to allow you to speed up or slow down your studies. It also allows you to study in all three trimesters in a calendar year and still have a break (approx. 9 weeks) in your studies over the end of year holiday period.

Will I have to do any courses in another calendar?

No, all courses within the Bachelor of Nursing will be offered in the Trimester Calendar from 2025.

How do pathway timings match up with entry into this program?

The Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) is offered in the Block calendar. Please see below alignment between completion of TPP and commencing a program being offered in the Trimester calendar:  

Complete TPPCommence Program taught in Trimesters
Block 5 2024Trimester 1 2025
Block 6 2024
Block 1 2025Trimester 22025
Block 2 2025
Block 3 2025Trimester 3 2025
Block 4 2025
Block 5 2025Trimester 1 2026
Block 6 2025

If you are a First Nations student and complete the Indigenous Higher Education Pathways Program (IHEPP) you can commence in the following Trimester after completing IHEPP. Please note, IHEPP will be taught in Trimesters 1 and 3 from 2024.

I am a current student, what does this change mean for my program?

From 2025 you will enrol in the Trimester Academic Calendar. We anticipate minimal changes to your program.

A 2025 Clinical Calendar along with the Important Dates for Clinical Placement documents are available for current students to access via the Professional Practice HUB. These documents outline important tasks and due dates needed to meet requirements for clinical placements.

Will the School provide more information about my program’s transition into the new academic calendar?

Yes! Updates will be provided throughout 2024 via online and on campus information sessions. Information will also be posted to the School of Nursing Community Hub.

Further specific information about your program’s move to the new Trimester Academic Calendar will be emailed to you prior to enrolments opening for 2025.

Where can I go if I need support?

Find answers online, any time, through Ask UniSQ FAQs, or live chat or connect with the iconnect team, your first point of contact when you need information or support, 7 days a week. The team is also available to answer your queries on-campus in UniSQ Toowoomba, Ipswich and Springfield.

What are the Academic Calendar changes to BNSG in 2025?: Ask UniSQ Current Students (2024)
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