For the City of Los Angeles’ aim of 100 percent renewable energy, councilmen are calling for equal hiring

On August 4, a City Council resolution was introduced to require the Department of Water and Power of the Los Angeles to develop an equitable hiring plan as part of its efforts to achieve 100 percent renewable energy. Councilmen Mitch O’Farrell and Paul Krekorian introduced the resolution on April 6. They also introduced a motion on 6 April to get the city to 100 percent sustainable energy by 2035, ten years earlier than the existing objective. T the Energy, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, and River Committee will consider the move.

“Another summer of drought and wildfires serves as a sharp reminder that the destructive consequences of climate change are here already, and our goal to attain 100 percent sustainable energy in the city is critical,” said committee head O’Farrell. “We must assure full equity throughout the recruiting procedure and throughout the employment as we persistently pursue a prospect powered by renewables — and the thousands of fresh jobs that will be created. Many Angelenos reside in economically and environmentally challenged neighborhoods, and we will not abandon them.”

If passed, the motion would direct the Department of Workforce Development to develop long-term recruitment and workforce strategy for the study’s identified pathway. “Project labor agreements, prevailing pay, and targeted recruiting requirements” would be the centerpiece of the strategy. It would also expand hiring in Los Angeles neighborhoods which are “environmentally and economically disadvantaged.”

The city issued the LA100 Study on March 24, which showed that by rapidly deploying wind and solar electricity, electrical storage, and other technologies, the DWP — the nation’s largest municipal utility — can meet the city’s objective by 2045 or sooner. The investigation was carried out by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the US Energy Department in collaboration with the USC and DWP. It is among the most comprehensive investigations of its sort ever undertaken by the federal government.

While researchers discovered that Los Angeles could achieve 100 percent renewable energy by the year 2045, they also discovered that if the city begins working toward these goals immediately, it can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 76 percent to 99 percent below 2020 levels by 2030. The report outlined many paths to achieve these objectives, each of which follows a similar pattern, with wind and solar resources accounting for 73 percent to 92 percent of renewable energy generation.

After proposing the motion to guarantee equitable hiring, Krekorian said, “The city’s commitment to sustainable energy through LA100 is predicted to generate thousands of employments in the future years.” “At this early point, we must guarantee that the Department of Water and Power of Los Angeles establishes a recruiting and promotion plan that expressly addresses fairness, particularly for residents of regions which are economically disadvantaged. This strategy will ensure that LA100 creates thousands of long-term, well-paying jobs for Angelenos.” A motion introduced by Councilman and Krekorian Mike Bonin in 2016 sparked the investigation.

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