Whitmer announces the first phase of grants to help expedite investments in mobility and electric vehicles

On September 15, at Kettering University’s GM Mobility Research Center in Flint, Governor Gretchen Whitmer presented the first phase of the Michigan Mobility Funding Platform grants worth over $450,000. KUHMUTE, GreenRoute, MUVE, Airspace Link, and Michigan Flyer are among five mobility startups that have won more than $444,000 in financing to implement mobility pilots in Michigan that will help reduce mobility hurdles and speed electric car adoption.

The businesses are spread across Michigan, with offices in Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint, East Lansing and Washtenaw County in southeast Michigan. Whitmer stated, “It is our desire to promote mobility and electrification firms looking to implement those technology solutions in Michigan.”

“These grants provide a framework for start-ups and businesses across Michigan which builds on our public image as a global leader in mobility solution testing and deployment and provides a runway to prospective growth and employment right here in Michigan since we are focused on building a stronger state and economy through safe and secure, more equitable, and environmentally aware transportation. And in order to achieve so, we must be imaginative as well as collaborative. We need to bring the commercial and public sectors together to develop innovative techniques so that we can address long-standing issues with long-term solutions. These five companies will help Michigan get closer to its objective of providing all residents with sustainable, equitable, and accessible transportation options, and I am convinced that this technology will have a good long-term influence on our communities.”

The Michigan Mobility Funding Platform was launched by the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification, in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, to offer grants to electrification and mobility companies looking to implement their technology solutions in Michigan.

“We had one clear goal when we developed this grant program: find the greatest technology in the world and bring it to Michigan to solve real-world transportation issues at a local scale,” said Trevor Pawl, Chief Mobility Officer for the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification. “You must begin by assisting one person, improving the reliability of one transit line, making one crossing safer, and installing one additional charging station. And if you executed it correctly and ethically, a whole community will be able to move a little more freely and cleanly than it could yesterday. And if you aid enough communities over time, you can practically will a safer, cleaner, and the more equitable world into being. That is, after all, the purpose of this award program. That is the goal for this round, as well as future rounds.”

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