The Best way to prevent infection is to get vaccinated -Cases rise in San Antonio, Comal County

Public health officials started concerning the rise of cases in San Antonio and Comal County, in few weeks and warn the residents to be aware of the pandemic rise, as the danger is not over yet.

Dr Anita Kurian, assistant director of San Antonio metropolitan health districts’ communicable disease division, said that ” there is a slow and steady rise of the disease, in last three weeks.”

She also added,” the cases are increasing and we know that cases are occurring transmission within the community. So we cannot let our guard completely down.”

The city is rising with multiple positive cases- the percentage has grown to 5.8 per cent from 3.8 per cent, according to last weeks result.

155 people are hospitalized in the last few weeks in San Antonio hospitals with Covid-19. And in the seven days rolling of cases which jumped 21 per cent and 126 cases per day in the city.

According to Metro health reports, almost 2,243 cases were filed as active cases in SanAntonio alone.
The risk level of the rise of Covid-19 cases is now “worsening” day by day.

Dr Kurain, added,” As long as we see cases is rising, it is not safe to assume that, we are on the other side of the pandemic cases.”

Not only in SanAntonio but also in Comal County, is rising in the covid-19 cases. Numerous people are diagnosed with positive cases.

Connie Alaniz, an epidemiologies said,” We saw the rise in covid cases, in the Country.”139 cases at County in last week, which is double the 89 cases in the city.

Some reports are saying, it is now the delta variant, who is taking place in the cities. And the individual has been asked to keep themself safe.

Kurain and Alaniz are recommending vaccinations to avoid massive health deteriorations and curtails hospitalisations. People who still have incomplete vaccination must take it as soon as possible. 

Public health officials are recommending 2 doses of the Modena or Pfizer vaccine. However, anyone who is taking Johnsons and Johansson jab can take one for protection.

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