Public camps for the homeless are banned in Austin from Sunday- Phase 3

Austin has started its Phase-3, fully banning public camps for homeless from Sunday onwards. If anyone violates the rule of the phase 3 ban, will be taken under police custody. 
The homeless citizen of Austin is given cutoff dates to buckle up the campsite and ask to leave the high-risked areas, in the city. 

According to the records, the Austins homelessness rates reach their heights within some years. Residents are traumatic and ask the administration to do something about this. 

A resident for Austine, Loranda Stuart, who lives there for more than 20 years said, ” Our neighbour just had someone banging the door, a shirtless man just came for help, which is really very scary and she lives there alone.”
The first phase of implementation started with the Austin Police and other and other authorities of the city visited the camps to provide them with the fallbacks of the places of living here. 

The second phase, which is already started on June 13, where the Austin police will start giving warnings to the public for violating the rules.

The third phase will continue till August 7, the officer will arrest the people for the ordinance of the violation of the rules. As the areas are highly risked in the city.

Finally in Phase 4, which will start from August 8, if the police issue a citation order and still people won’t leave the area, then the people will be taken under police custody for violating the orders. 

“Already more than 79 cases, were booked in 2nd July for violating the rules.
Many Austins voters approved proposition B, which is a criminal offence, and class C of a punishable fine, for anyone who places camps in public areas.

The solution of homelessness is yet to be solved by the police of Austine. However, ECHO, Ending Community Homelessness Coalition, which already three out of four people housed, according to source’s data. The City also announced to convert hotels as isolation camps for the homeless and they will provide 55 rooms for the unsheltered public, in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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