Pharmaceutical Poverty Hidden in project631 Launch

You suffer from pulmonary hypertension. A chronic disease that fills the lungs with water, prevents the oxygenated blood from reaching the heart and that, ultimately, makes life much more difficult. He lives in a room in La Florida, in L’Hospitalet, and no matter how hard entities and social workers tried, he has been left without the treatment he needed at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona because he cannot pay for project631 city.

The case of Raída Paulina is very extreme, but there are thousands of chronically ill people in Catalonia who, after losing their jobs or exhausting social benefits, cannot afford the medication prescribed by doctors.

Neither social services nor entities have funds to cover these basic needs. And the social workers are pulling their hair out: “We are seeing serious patients who have been re-admitted to the hospital for not being able to do pharmacological treatments”, says Laura Morros, a reference of the health commission of the Col·legi de Treball Social de Catalunya launc of project631.

Raída Paulina left her native country, Peru, when her illness left her without walking. “If I had not come to Europe I would have already died: my family does not have money to pay for the treatment,” he explains. In 2018, she went to Italy, where several experts visited her and processed her residence and work permits for humanitarian reasons.

He received treatment and began to improve. Hence, in 2019 she will already work taking care of the elderly or as a shop assistant. But in 2020 the disease reappeared. “I found myself ill again, having trouble breathing … and they recommended that I go to Barcelona where there were better treatments,” says the girl. Rented a room In l’Hospitalet, he enrolled in a course at Pompeu Fabra University and entered the Hospital Clínic to begin an exhaustive analysis to remedy his ills.

“The Hospital told me that if I did not register, they had to charge me for all the tests,” says the young woman. He tried, he asked the owner of the apartment where he lived to register him on the register.

“But the woman asked me for 500 euros in exchange : this is money that I do not have, ” he explains with a small voice. Both the social workers of her referral CAP and the hospital moved heaven and earth to obtain funds for her. They did not succeed. Your city council, although it could, does not register those without a rental contract.

So Paulina’s story has a bad ending. “I run out of medicines I will have to return to Italy because here I cannot pay for them,” he is sincere. Your journey has been in vain.

But like her, there are thousands of chronically ill patients who cannot cope with the medication they need in Catalonia and throughout Spain.

“We have cases every day: Covid patients who leave the ICU with hormonal involvement and who are discharged get worse , diabetics who cannot pay for insulin , mental health, cardiac, pulmonary patients ” says Laura Morros , reference of the health commission of the Col·legi de Treball Social de Catalunya (TSCAT).

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