Health And Communities Are Given Even More Time To Approve The Minutes

What happened in the four hours after which they decided to stop vaccinating those under 60 years of age with AstraZeneca ? How far did the common autonomy front go against combining AstraZeneca with Pfizer ?

How did Catalonia and especially the Community of Madrid stand against the perimeter closure of municipalities at Christmas ? How clear was everyone last summer that the clubs had to be closed? How angry did the Basque Country reach with the Government’s plan to regulate the hours of nightlife venues ?

These and many other issues have been discussed for more than a year in the Interterritorial Health Council, but for now the details of the agreements, disagreements, challenges and the good relationship that reigns between the Health Ministers, Salvador Illa, still do not emerge. first and Carolina Darias later, and the regional councilors from the inside, which is not always reflected on the outside.

They are reflected in the minutes of the Interterritorial Council that for the moment remain without being approved and, therefore, without being made public.

Health hides the minutes of its meetings with regional councilors since the pandemic began
This should have started to happen last Wednesday, when the first ordinary Interterritorial Health Council was held – and in person, in the Senate -. The first of the 19 points of the day was the “reading and approval, where appropriate” of 69 minutes of as many meetings of ministers and councilors from October 14, 2019 to December 29, 2020.

That is, from before the pandemic to begin until the end of last year. There were not all that they are, because between January and June there have continued to be weekly Councils, but Health sources point out that it was decided to dose them, given that there are many and the agenda for this week’s meeting was very extensive.

In any case, those first 69 minutes were not approved either, where there should be details of how the vaccines were distributed or how the ” relatives ” were removed from the list of people who could travel at Christmas.

According to the Minister of Health of Castilla y León, Verónica Casado , the task will involve something like writing the “history of the pandemic . ” Like the rest of the councilors, Casado asked Darias for time to calmly read the preliminary minutes prepared by the Ministry to ensure that they faithfully reflect months and months of discussions about how to deal with the health emergency.

Detailed minutes
“I do not want them to be very succinct minutes, in which they say ‘these are the issues and these are the conclusions.’ It seems to me that the debates can be very important and I need us to read them in order to be able to do a bit of history at the end of what has happened, because this is the history of the pandemic, “explained Casado.

At the meeting, therefore, it was agreed that the Ministry would forward the documents to the communities so that they would have time to study them and later they would be included on an agenda for approval. However, two days later, last Friday the autonomies still did not have the minutes to start working with them. Not to mention that not all of them are there and that Darias’ intention is to stagger their delivery. The minutes of the Interterritorial Councils from January to June will remain for later, where there were important debates on the restrictions of Holy Week or the reopening of nightlife.

“We have asked that they give us a little more time,” said the Galician councilor, Julio García Comesaña , who, although he recalled that all the councilors have “their notes”, taken from the meetings, it is necessary to make sure that everything that happened “is moves “and is” reflected “in the Interterritorial Councils, the star body of ‘co-governance’ to manage the pandemic.

More directly, Madrid regional sources explained that the extra time is for “the communities to read them and present allegations “, in a job that they do not believe will take a short time to complete. “My feeling is that they are going to put them back on the agenda,” they pointed out from Puerta del Sol.

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