Exceltur Warns Of Sudden Stop In Foreign Tourist Reservations Due To Outbreaks

The executive vice president of Exceltur, José Luis Zoreda, has warned this Wednesday of the “sudden slowdown” that foreign tourist reservations have registered for the summer season due to the “negative international repercussion of the outbreaks and contagion rates”.

During the presentation of the tourist perspectives of Exceltur, Zoreda explained that the horizon of “green shoots and lights becoming clearer every day” that was expected for the summer season has been “suddenly truncated”, and has called for improving the communication of the health reality “in a less alarmist key”.

An example of this, he said, is that “great euphoria is not perceived in the arrival of British tourists” despite the latest announcement from London, which will allow all its vaccinated to travel without quarantine from July 19.

In fact, “the bookings (of these tourists) have slowed down by 15% or 20% in recent weeks”, a circumstance that would contribute to a possible variation of the estimates , and that is that “tourist activity may drop one point compared to what we had in April. “

“We have to understand that from now on we will surely have to live with the covid for a long time,” said Zoreda, who has asked that, in any case, the severity of the infections is not underestimated and has called to avoid events such as “uncontrolled field trips and jugs.”

However, the executive vice president of the Alliance for Tourism Excellence has warned that “the decline will go by neighborhoods” and will depend a lot “on the origin of demand, the competitive capacity of companies and differentiation elements.

According to Exceltur’s forecasts, the holiday destinations of national demand in Green Spain and inland destinations will be the protagonists of the tourist reactivation .

Among the destinations where activity is concentrated in summer, a better performance is discounted in those on the peninsular coast with a greater presence of national tourists, key to saving the season.

On the contrary, the reactivation will be less in the island enclaves and in urban destinations with an international long-haul presence, such as Madrid, where the expected sales of hotels are 62.3% below those of 2019, or Barcelona .

Exceltur trusts that the fourth quarter will behave better than expected
Faced with the slowdown in the summer season, Exceltur trusts that the fourth quarter will behave “better than expected”, among other reasons because vaccination levels, both in Spain and in the rest of the countries, will be “much higher”.

“We anticipate that some of what may be lost in summer can be recovered in autumn , in October,” said Zoreda, who has attributed this possible improvement to greater demand “in getaways, weekends, and what else we it worries, in external demand, because the internal one continues being reasonably upward “.

As a result, they consider that this 2021 can close with 81,900 million euros in tourism activity compared to 53,000 million the previous year, figures that, however, are still far from the 154,000 million of 2019.

In Exceltur’s opinion, communication about the pandemic “has to be much more precise to avoid scaremongering.” Along these lines, they consider it necessary to carry out communication campaigns in key markets, a strategy that should be accompanied by “top-level diplomatic efforts both bilaterally with countries that put Spain and Brussels under observation.”

For Zoreda, these meetings are essential so that “the high expectations of the European Union’s digital green certificate are not interrupted by arbitrary decisions and brakes from some countries that break with the spirit and philosophy” of this measure.

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