Talk Of Problems To Track Infected People In Catalonia And Farewell Of Ábalos

There is talk of problems to track infected people in Catalonia, criticism of Campo and the farewell of Ábalos.

Problems to track infected in Catalonia
Despite the flagrant mistakes made throughout the Covid pandemic, the Generalitat has been proud on more than one occasion of the epidemiological surveillance network of the Catalan Ministry of Health. Well, it is said that at the moment, the counselor Josep Maria Argimon lacks arguments to show his chest. In fact, union sources reveal that the coronavirus tracking team is collapsed.

“The avalanche of cases has overwhelmed it, to the point that monitoring is limited only to cases where older people are involved,” say the unions. However, the most serious of all is that they say that the Ministry of Health itself is partly to blame for the collapse of the monitoring network. “

Criticism of Campo’s return to the hearing
In 2011, the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero undertook one of its most controversial reforms by allowing magistrates who entered politics to return to the judiciary without losing seniority or status. Thanks to precisely these regulations, the former Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, will be able to return to his place in the National Court, which he left two decades ago.

This unrestricted return from Campo has generated a good number of comments on social networks from personalities related to the legal field. Most of them criticize that a professional in this sector “who has not practiced in 20 years” can now issue sentences. More striking are still other types of comments that recall, with good reason,

The emotional goodbye of Ábalos in Ferraz
On Tuesday, José Luis Ábalos organized a private event in Ferraz to inform the workers of the Socialist headquarters that he was leaving the Party’s Organization Secretariat. Some witnesses say that the former Minister of Transport was visibly moved during the meeting. “His emotional goodbye was very felt by those who have worked with him all these years,” they say in Ferraz.

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