Ibercaja Launches To Finance The Consumption Of Families This Summer

Ibercaja has launched the new campaign ‘It’s your time to say Let’s go’, a commitment to consumer financing that provides customers with different formulas that respond to the greater spending needs of families in these months of the year.

After the support provided by the entity to its clients during the most complicated moments of the pandemic, Ibercaja is now launching this ambitious consumer financing campaign to also accompany them in the beginning of the recovery of economic activity in our country.

The campaign is aimed at almost one million clients of the Entity who have a pre-granted credit or a card with a credit limit assigned by Ibercaja.

Four ranges
‘It’s your time to say Let’s go’ will be active during July, August and September, with the aim of accompanying its customers in the months of the year in which the greatest purchasing needs arise, offering special conditions on a range of products.

The campaign includes financing for purchases paid for up to 18 months, with a discount of close to 70% in the case of financing for three months; purchase of mobile phones, tablets, computers and latest technology products with 0% financing through the Ibercaja application, the new Ibercaja digital bank and on the website: https://consiguelo.ibercajaconnect.es/

Likewise, car financing, home renovation and other durable goods and services through loans up to 96 months without opening commission and from digital banking, quickly and easily, and vehicle rental, with maintenance and insurance of car included for a fixed monthly fee and with a promotion of a 200 euro voucher to be exchanged in the “customer protection” (set of insurance to choose).

Digital channels
The entity expects that 85% of the contracting of these products will materialize through the bank’s digital channels: website, App and the new Ibercaja digital bank that, thanks to its simplicity, autonomy and immediacy, makes it easier for customers to have access to of the advantages of these four products at any time.

This percentage is in line with the growing use of digital channels by Ibercaja clients. Not surprisingly, the operations carried out through digital banking already represent 74.6% of the Bank’s total operations.

The number of digital customers grew by 9% year-on-year to 864,000 as of May 31, thanks to the increase in users of the mobile app (+ 22.6%) and Ibercaja Pay (+ 120.5 %%). In addition, 56.2% of clients used the Bank’s digital assets in the first five months of the year.

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