The Obsession Of José Luis Moreno To End María Teresa Campos

This Tuesday, José Luis Moreno was arrested accused of being part of an international criminal plot of money laundering, fraud and trafficking of illegal substances.

Throughout this week, numerous actors who have worked with the television producer have raised their voices to denounce the situations they have faced with him.

One of them has confessed to Socialité the supposed obsession that José Luis Moreno had with María Teresa Campos and with the program he presented during the weekends: What a happy time!

Supposedly, his objective would be to have this space taken away from the journalist and thus she would be permanently without a job in the middle .

“José Luis Moreno was obsessed with María Teresa Campos , he wanted to load himself What a happy time! Because he believed that Campos should already retire , he hired a team with the intention of destroying María Teresa’s program to put another in its place (.. .). He considered that Teresa should have retired a long time ago and was joking with the journalist’s way of presenting, “he said.

Socialité has contacted María Teresa Campos and Terelu have been very angry with the program team for the insinuations they were making. “It seems to me a sovereign bullshit,” assured the presenter’s daughter.

Carmen Borrego , on the other hand, has not been pissed off by the news and confessed that “she did not give it more importance” because she understood that he wanted to work on a weekend program.

María Teresa Campos herself later contacted María Patiño to apologize for her treatment to the reporter who called her.

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